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Gabriel Pradīpaka

03/16/2016 - My books: Get them here!

 All my books are available here for you:

01/25/2016 - Trika Guru Gabriel Pradīpaka: About him

  1. Trika Guru Gabriel PradīpakaGabriel Pradīpaka

    Spiritual name: Pradīpaka (lit. "the one who sheds light", i.e. the one who sheds light on the secret meanings of the scriptures).

    Nationality: Argentinian. He was born in Rosario but lives in Moscow.

    Spiritual lineage: In 1983 (April) he received spontaneous initiation in the form of Śaktipāta (lit. "descent of Power", i.e. divine Grace) by repeating the sacred mantra "Om̐ namaḥ śivāya" while he was watching a photo of Svāmī Muktānanda. Hence, despite Svāmī Muktānanda having passed away in 1982, Gabriel Pradīpaka considers him as his Guru. A few months later (October, 1983), he was "formally" initiated by Svāmī Alakṣānanda, also belonging to the Muktānanda's spiritual lineage. As you surely know... or maybe not... Muktānanda is the Master who brought the Siddha Yoga path to the West. Gabriel Pradīpaka was learning/working in the well-known Siddha Yoga community till 1989. Since late 1989 through late 1991 and since late 1994 through late 1997, he was learning/teaching/working with another teacher (a disciple of the great Muktānanda too), who was crucial in his life as a yogī. And since 1997 he is "on his own".

    He also recognizes Svāmī Lakṣmaṇa Joo as his Trika Guru.

    In February of 2016, he founded the Parabhairavayoga, a brandnew spiritual movement that is just starting to spread around the world.

    In short, he is a spiritual guru, conversant with Sanskrit language and Trika philosophy, who sheds light on spirituality as a whole and helps spiritual aspirants out with the process known as Self-realization or Final Liberation.
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01/20/2015 - My channel on You Tube: It contains a collection of videos about my seminars

This is my channel on You Tube, containing a collection of videos about various seminars.

05/24/2017 - Another important Blog update: Read the news!

  1. I published at the blog 'the second part of my long dissertation about practices in Parabhairavayoga'!
  2. In this second part I teach about Śāmbhavopāya, the easiest and at the same time the most difficult method in Trika Shaivism. Even I added my own experience with Śāmbhavopāya so that the readers can get to know this method in a more practical way.
  3. In venerable Abhinavagupta's Paramārthasāra, Dávid Farkas, our collaborator, translated the stanzas 51 to 70 (plus commentary and notes)... another huge jump!... into Hungarian. Great effort! Only 35 stanzas are left to be translated. Almost there then!
  4. Enjoy!

03/26/2017 - Blog update: Read the news!

  1. I began at the blog my 'long dissertation about practices in Parabhairavayoga'!
  2. My work is just starting and it will become massive as I add more and more explanations. It will be a complete guide for people treading Parabhairavayoga path, which is mostly based on Trika philosophy and practice.
  3. In venerable Abhinavagupta's Paramārthasāra, Dávid Farkas, our collaborator, translated stanzas 12 to 50 (plus commentary and notes)... an enormous jump!!!... into Hungarian. Awesome effort!
  4. Enjoy!

02/02/2017 - Important update: Read the full list!

  1. A new gallery-type website fully dedicated to show pictures of me together with disciples and family during my tours, seminars, etc, and even during my daily life, has been built and published for your delight!
  2. An enormous work (in effort and money) to build and finally publish the website for our visitors!
  3. Dávid Farkas, our collaborator, translated stanzas 4 to 11 (plus commentary and notes) in venerable Abhinavagupta's Paramārthasāra into Hungarian. Good!
  4. Paulo and Claudio, our collaborators, translated stanzas 36 to 39 (plus commentary) in the same above-mentioned scripture into Brazilian Portuguese. Cool!
  5. Enjoy!

12/23/2016 - Safety: SSL protecting both websites

Now SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is protecting both and

That means that your connection with our websites is encrypted and therefore you are safe while surfing them.

So, now your bookmarks should look like this:

12/21/2016 - New Blog: Read more!

  1. The Blog has been 'fully' redesigned! Now it is the Parabhairavayoga's Home.
  2. The new design is completely professional and includes new characteristics like featured videos and posts, direct connection with our Page on Facebook, etc.
  3. Now the Blog is quite a website residing at (not only different URL but different IP address too).
  4. In a nutshell, the Blog will be the dwelling-place of all our major publications about the brand-new Parabhairavayoga!
  5. Do you want more? You have it!: The Main Website has also been totally redesigned! The design is also professional, obviously. Now it looks like an old parchment with Indian temples on top. The font was accordingly changed too from Andika to Gentium for desktop and printing (we keep Andika for tablets and phones for readability reasons) in order to complement the new good 'old-style'.
  6. Do you want even more? You have it again!: The Brazilian twins expanded their translation of Abhinavagupta's Paramārthasāra till the stanza 35 (and respective long commentary)! My congratulations to Paulo and Claudio for such a massive effort!
  7. Our collaborator Dávid Farkas started his translation of the same scripture but into Hungarian, of course. Well done!
  8. OK, it has been a great effort (many hours working and plenty of money being dropped too in the process) to accomplish all this renovation and expansion. Hopefully you are happy with it!
  9. Enjoy!

12/11/2016 - NEW SERVER: Read more!

  1. New hosting company, new server, more for you!
  2. We left behind 'shared hosting' and embraced 'Virtual Private Server' (VPS): Read this to learn more.
  3. Advantages: (1) Access to more resources (better RAM, more CPU power, more bandwidth which translates into faster page load, etc.), (2) Customizable, (3) We pay for what we need and we can later easily expand to accommodate our future needs, (4) Much more control and the ability to use scripts with more freedom.
  4. Extra advantages in our new hosting plan: (1) Fully managed server plus full access to the 'root', (2) Superb support, (3) Very fast server located in Amsterdam (hosting company based in the United States but with a subsidiary in Netherlands).
  5. Do you want more? You have it: SSL for our site so you can safely surf our contents. In the past it was like this: and now it looks like this:
  6. And the disadvantages? Oh, it is more costly than shared hosting. Well, you cannot have it all, you know!
  7. And we have more in the near future: New design of the website and blog (the latter is locked by password till the process of redesigning it ends).
  8. Bookmark our new address:
  9. Anyway, the old URL should seamlessly redirect you to the new one, while the old address of the blog, i.e. will redirect you to (temporarily locked while we redesign it).
  10. Enjoy!